Minimal, not Simple: A Tote Bag with Philosophy

From a desire to create an easy-to-use bag for the modern lifestyle, dash’s DA04 is a simple yet versatile tote bag that can hold everything you need in a typical day. Beneath its simple appearance lies a meticulous & thoughtful design approach that focuses on real-world use.

By designing around just the essentials items that you use in a typical day, the DA04 Tote’s size has been carefully refined to fit what you need, without excess room that makes it bulky. The result is a spacious bag that can hold smartphone, laptops & books and still compact enough to be carried easily a crowded city.

Making the bag simple & useful in real-life is at the heart of dash’s design approach. This extends to every details of the bag, with every feature following 3 design principles: 


Deliberately styled to be clean & simple, the bag has been designed to easily fit in, whatever the outfits and occasion. Perfect for use whether you are dressed for formal meetings or use casually on your day off. Every features have also been created to be simple & intuitive to use, letting you just get on with you day.


Designed with a wide opening, the bag allows you to easily get to your belongings, giving you a quick & smooth experience in everyday use. Inside, the built-in key ring attachments let you keep keys, cards and other small items handy and easy to find, without needing to scour the bottom of the bag.

To make carrying easier, dash. goes to great lengths to make sure the bag is as light as possible. Using custom-developed, lightweight leather to help reduce weight; the leather is supple yet sturdy enough to help maintain the bag’s form. Combined with dash’s unique bag construction design, this special leather eliminates the need for heavy reinforcing materials, making the bag even lighter. All these weight reduction measures help makes carrying heavy books and laptop in your bag a little easier.

Moreover, to make carrying comfortable, straps has been designed to be quick & easy to adjust between 2 different lengths, making it ideal whether you choose to carry by hand or on the shoulders.


From durable materials, practical features and understated look, everything has been carefully to refined to create a simple, practical bag that can be used by anyone, at any age and for any occasions.

These mindful design and precise refinements that goes into creating DA04 Tote is part of dash’s overall mission to help simplify your overall daily life experience, allowing you to enjoy a smoother, hassle-free living.

Did You Know?

dash. designers spent over a month fine-tuning the carry strap length with users between 140 – 180 cm tall, to ensure that our DA04 Tote will always fit you perfectly, whatever your height.

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