"What If You Can Only
Have One Bag?"

At dash., we always question the norm, challenging ourselves to find new ways to make daily life simpler. This simple question, however, has led to what has been, perhaps, our design team’s most ambitious challenge to date: to create a true “Everyday” bag.

"A Convenient "Go-To" Bag You Use Day-In, Day-Out."

DA24 Flat Satchel



3 - 5 Mar 2021

An “Everyday” bag is, in essence, every designer’s ideal solution. A compact, versatile bag that can hold everything you need, easy to carry and suits any situation, whether casual or work. Ultimately, it is the convenient “go-to” bag that you will want to use day-in, day-out.

In pursuing the goal, our designers considered not only form or function, but also behavior psychology: what makes a person pick up the same bag again and again? The result is dash.’s latest creation: the DA24 Flat Satchel.

"What Makes a Bag Useful?"

To create an “Everyday” bag, our designers placed utmost importance on versatility and convenience. For it to be useful and relevant on a daily basis, the DA24 Flat Satchel had to be spacious and unrestrictive, while remaining as compact and easy to carry as possible.

The bag’s size have been carefully designed around a wide range of everyday items, to accommodate everything you might need to carry. It’s flat & narrow proportion have been deliberately designed to help keep items in place, instead of rolling around, making them easier to find. The main compartment is unpatitimned and features expandable sides that will fit anything you throw at them, without losing it’s “flat” shape. From 16” Latop down to small pencil case,, everything fits, all without the ugly bulge. An inside pocket helps keep small items safe & easy to find.

"Convenience & Versatility for Daily Life."

The DA24 Flat Satchel comes with an extra-wide opening makes it easy to access your belongings, even those at the bottom of the bag. Its also features a self-closing magnetic clasps not only make it convenient to use, but also help keep your items secure.

"Materials Influence Behaviour"

In a first for dash., the DA24 Flat Satchel comes with a fabric / leather construction. The shift in material is designed to encourage more frequent use of the bag, without having to worry about daily bumps & scratches. The fine-textured Comb Twill Cotton fabric have been carefully handpicked for its ruggedness, able to withstand daily wear & tear without diminishing its looks.

Finally, to create a comfortable and uncluttered carrying experience, the DA24 Flat Satchel features an extremely flat profile that makes it slim & comfortable to tuck under your arm and carry.

The mono-handle can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and is designed to eliminate the inconvenience of traditional dual handles. The handle’s sturdy leather strap has been carefully tailored to suit any carrying height provides contrast against the fabric body while maintaining the luxurious leather feel in your hand.

"The Mono-Handle Creates an Uncluttered Carrying Experience."

The result is a spacious yet practical casual bag that can be used everyday, whether for the office or on your day off. DA24 Flat Satchel – combines minimal style and functionality that you come to expect from dash. It’s our take on what a simple, “Everyday Bag” should be.

3 - 5 March 2021

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