"Ever Commute During Rush Hour?"

Try squeeze your way onto a packed train. Just getting yourself in the door is a struggle, not to mention your belongings. If this all sounds too familiar, then you will know that commuting light does not only make sense, it’s a must!

Ironically, between the computer, the tablets & documents, we are having to carry more than ever. Wouldn’t life be simpler if it all just fit in one, compact bag?

Enters the DA04 Tote, a black leather tote bag from dash. created specifically to help simplify your daily commute.

Take What Matters

Overpacking is the biggest culprit to our carrying bloat, yet we are all guilty of it, one time or another. Its nice to have the extra items with us, “just-in-case”; and since there’s room left in the bag anyway, what the harm in throwing in an extra thing or two?

DA04 Tote M - Black

The truth is, you will rarely use these items. And while it may seem harmless at first, their weights do add up to a heavy, bloated bags; a daily inconvenience that could be easily avoided. The key to a simpler commute then, is to carry only what you need.

For the DA04 Leather Tote, this meant designing the bag around your belongings, tailoring its size only to the necessary items. By carefully measuring the dimensions of hundreds of everyday items, from laptops and water bottles to umbrellas and thermos, our designers meticulously refined the leather tote bags to fit all essential items, and nothing more. With no excess room, there’s no temptation to slip in extra items. These bags are more compact and easier to carry.

Tote Bags Made To Travel

Speaking of carrying, a crowded train is a tricky place to handle a bag. A rocking train needs a free hand to hold onto the rails. Streams of people getting on & off keeps you on your toes, constantly evading, maneuvering out of people’s way. A commuter bag then, needs to be nimble & versatile to carry.

DA04 Tote M - Black

For the DA04 Tote, dash. designed a long carrying handle that let you comfortably carry, handsfree, on the shoulder and around the arms, in addition to carrying in the hands. The handle is 2-steps adjustable to ensure that the handle length suit users of all size. Additionally, the handle straps have been given extra width to better spread the weight, making it more comfortable to carry during those long commute.

Set Down Without Worries

Let’s face it: no matter how comfortable, nobody likes carrying things if they can avoid it. So any chance to be able to put your bag(s) down is a much appreciated luxury.

So dash. made sure the tote worked just as well on the floor as it does on your shoulders. To keep the bag standing upright on a swaying train, the bag is designed with a reinforced & raised bottom. This novel detailing does not only stop the bag from tipping over, it also minimizes the contact point with the ground, keeping the bag hygenic & easy to clean.

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Little Things Matter

DA04 Tote M - BrownAs every commuter can attest: fishing for keys & cards in a bag is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Those awkward 15 seconds you hold up the queue, frantically searching for the elusive travel card, can feel like an eternity, especially with the disapproving stares from fellow commuters.

That’s why dash. include metal loops inside the DA04 Tote (Brown leather hand/shoulder tote bag) , to help keep small items organized. Attach keyrings, lanyard or small pouch; keep them handy and avoid the commuter faux pas!

These are just some of the details dash. designers agonize over, to ensure that the DA04 Tote is as useful & practical in real life as possible; helping to improve your commuting experience & simplify your daily life.

Simplify Your Commute Today

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