"A Form with a Purpose"

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the rush hour, a compact bag that holds all you need can make a big difference when navigating through the crowd. 

With this insight, dash. carefully designed the grey leather shoulder bag, balancing size and space to create a highly portable bag for urban commute.

Through meticulous and countless iterations, dash. tested the bag’s design until arriving at an ideal form that is compact, highly portable, yet spacious enough for all your everyday items whether it be Purses, Smartphones, Tablets, Pen, Keys or Make Ups.

Opens With Just A Finger

Anyone who has ever commute knows that you don’t always have your hands free. Opening a bag with no hands free can be an awkward experience.

That’s why Grey leather shoulder bag has been designed to make it easy to get to your belongings. Simply slide your a finger along the top edge of the bag to open.

Once your are done, simply let go and the special magnetic enclosure will close the bag automatically, keeping your belonging safe and secure.

Did You Know?

Our designers carefully calibrate the magnets strength in the bag’s enclosure to achieve the perfect balance of convenience and security. That is why grey leather shoulder bag enclosure is so convenient it can be easily opened with a single finger, yet so secure that it stays shut even when you turn it upside down.

Find Your Belongings Easily

Partitions and Compartments are great at keeping things organized in the bag, but too many and they become too restrictive or difficult to use.

gray leather shoulder bagFor grey leather shoulder bag, we keep things simple, with 2 large compartments to keep your belongings organized and easy to find. A grey leather multi-purpose zipper pouch built into the dividing partition provides secure storage for your smaller or important items making it easy to keep things neat and tidy.

Iconic Triangle

In a packed train, keeping your bag close gives you the flexibility to easily navigate through the crowd.

shoulder bag grey leatherThe grey leather Shoulder bag triangular profile has been carefully shaped to make it comfortable to carry close your body. Along with its iconic form, the slim top profile makes it simple to tuck the bag under your arm without being bulky or getting in your way.

Placed without Worries

Never worry about putting the bag down again. With it’s raised bottom, contact with the ground is minimised, keeping the bag clean and easy to care for.

Brown leather Shoulder BagIn additionally, thanks to its wide bottom, the brown leather Shoulder bag is also extremely stable and can stand on most surfaces without tipping over.

Its these little touches that our designers obsesses over to ensure our brown leather Shoulder bag gives you the most seamless carry experience possible.

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Take Everything With You

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